Benefits of Buying A Used Vehicle in Clovis, CA

Benefits of Buying a Used Truck, Car or SUV

At Clovis Autoplex, we believe that you don't have to buy new to get a dependable and enjoyable automotive experience. We also know that many car shoppers aren't in the market for something brand-new-preferring, instead, the tried-and-tested nature and excellent value proposition that only a pre-owned model can deliver. And that's why we're proud to serve Fresno-area drivers with an extensive and diverse selection of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans from a wide range of manufacturers. Here's a quick look at some of the reasons to consider a used model for your next vehicle purchase.

  • Savings: A lower price tag is perhaps the main reason many people have for buying a pre-owned vehicle. Plus, used cars are often cheaper to insure, which can save you significant money down the road as well. That brings us to the next point…

  • Trim Levels: Since the majority of our vehicles are just a few years old, buying used is a great way to enjoy a "like-new" experience at an appreciable discount. If you've had your eye on a new model's upper tiers but are limited by budget, stepping back a year or two could bring those extra amenities and tech features within reach.

  • Depreciation: Most vehicles, excepting various exotics and specialty cars, experience their biggest depreciation period in the first few years. CARFAX data estimates that cars generally lose 10% of their value in the first month of ownership, and around 20% after the first year.1 But eventually, the depreciation begins to level off. So, by buying used, you can get a later model-year vehicle for a significantly reduced investment that will hold its current value longer.

  • Variety: By shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, you have access to a much wider range of options, as you're not limited to a single make or model year. Buying used is often the only way to get certain discontinued models or features. For example, the Honda Fit hatch made many ardent fans due to it being an exceptionally versatile and dependable hatchback, with city-friendly maneuverability and innovative cargo solutions. While it was recently discontinued, you can still find clean, well-equipped examples on the used market.

  • Environment: By buying a pre-owned vehicle, you'll give new life to a vehicle that's already been produced, for which the initial environmental impact of its production has already been accounted. This benefit is even greater with a pre-owned hybrid or EV.

Test-Drive a Quality Used Car near Fresno at Clovis Autoplex

If you'd like more information about our pre-owned inventory and available financing opportunities, please reach out to Clovis Autoplex at your convenience. And if you'd like to get behind the wheel to explore the amenities and accommodations for yourself, we welcome you to see us for a test drive. We would love to give you a tour.